Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha is a human rights organization committed to the strengthening of the state and judicial mechanisms for the benefit of ordinary citizens. Since our inception in 1997, our primary work revolves ensuring civil and political liberties by addressing torture, extrajudicial executions, problems in the criminal justice system, sexual violence against women, and attack on Human Rights Defenders. Since civil and political liberties are intricately tied to economic, social and cultural rights, we also focus on issues such as the socio-economic marginalization of the erstwhile enclave dwellers, restrictions on the livelihood and socio-economic deprivation of citizens living near the Indo-Bangladesh border and erosion-affected areas, forced eviction, and so on.
Our organization is based in the State of West Bengal but we often partner with organizations at the regional, national and international level to address broader issues of human rights violations and to initiate a collaborative effort to ensure equality and justice. We stand by the ideals of International human rights law and advocate with international organizations for endorsing human rights and dignity for all. We seek the intervention of national and state human rights institutions and government ministries for the redressal of injustice meted out against citizens. Our vision is to create a society free from human rights violations by creating a participatory and egalitarian democracy.