Legal Intervention

Providing legal assistance to victims of torture, enforced disappearance, extra judicial executions and to those falsely implicated in criminal charges is imperative for establishing the rule of law, ensuring the possibility of justice for the marginalized and reinforcing constitutional principles. We strive to provide free legal aid to vulnerable victims of violence perpetrated by public officials. We support victims to file cases in courts against the perpetrators, in cases where the police refuses to register their complaints. Many people at the borders are also implicated in false criminal cases by actors of the state as means to threaten them. We extend our support to these victims in preparing for their defense when criminal proceedings are initiated against them. Apart from this, we submit the cases of victims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Boards so that the victims and their families can benefit from the Victim Compensation Scheme.

We file Public Interest Litigations on matters of grave concern to the society. We also assist Human Rights Defenders facing threats, harassment and false criminal charges in their legal trials.

MASUM's Legal case in different Courts

Court NameNumber of Pending Cases
Supreme Court of India2
High Court at Calcutta7
District - Cooch Behar
Dinhata Court4
Mekhliganj Court1
District - Murshidabad
Lalbag Court69
Berhampore Court5
District - North 24 Pargana
Basirhat Court32
Bangaon Court2