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While primarily working and addressing the issue of torture and extra judicial killings in West Bengal and having more particular focus at Indo- Bangladesh bordering areas; we confronted with a major issue; affecting the lives and liberty of the populace; that is persistent land erosion by river Padma at Murshidabad district. Though, the land erosion is a phenomenal issue at Indo Bangladesh bordering area; we have small scale intervention at Murshidabad district. The initiative to address the issue has been taken in year 2005 while organized a public tribunal on land erosion and resultant malnourishment and starvation like situation of the gentry. The situation of the area of our concentration is further grieved with constant soil erosion by river Padma and resulted homelessness, loss of employment (livelihood), enforced migration in search of two square meals, involvement in illegal activities; such as smuggling and trafficking, malnutrition, starvation like situation and few actual hunger deaths. There are thousands of wretched countrymen in this part who have either being rotted with their poverty or dying in starvation, being devoid of any food, nutrition or medical treatment. River erosion of Padma river is continuing from 1970s which resulted re-erosion, displacement, relocation without governmental initiative and re-displacement. Both the state government and Union Government are completely apathetic of the situation and to its own citizens. Hence situation is worsening day by day. Millions has been spent fromState’s coffer for rehabilitation but not a miniscule amount has been reached at the hands of the affected and their situation and living became grimmer day by day. The problem of the wretched lies with the eternal one – their poverty, but the causes are manifold. Sometimes it happens to be topographical, natural disasters or changes in their earning status. In some places it is liable for eviction in places without rehabilitation and apathy of the vested interests towards them. But in most cases they are being victimized by the Government and administrative inaction, callousness of the government officials and a general apathy to do rightful duties towards the ill-fated people.
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