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The support is in accordance of well being of a survivor where he/she can challenge the torture perpetrated upon him/ her or subjugated by the state with total indifference toward domestic as well as international laws. The initiative is meant to provide clinical supervision (worker care/staff support) to torture survivors and effective medico –legal documentation of torture for proper investigation and prosecution with added intention to increase the capacity of the medical professionals for support to survivors of torture, specifically in the field of torture documentation with medical details. To raise awareness on the consequences of torture and the need for rehabilitation for torture survivors among health professionals (non-center staff) which should increase referrals of torture survivors from the primary health care system to the rehabilitation center will be the secondary initiative. The major impacts on a victim of torture by the subjugations are not physical impacts rather than continuing psychological damages and scars on his/ her mind, in this context the organization with other and individuals and organizations are always thriving for a betterment of psychological reorientation of the person. The course is always quite different from the normal medical recourses but having immediate, appropriate and suitable remedies, while treatments and supports are having with torture with other course of psycho medical interferences. Torture always has a psychological component as well as usually being physical and in many cases the psychological state will be the most significant part of the examination. Although many perpetrators deliberately set out to destroy the mental stability of the survivor, sometimes the psychological damage is an unintended consequence of creating fear through physical abuse. At present we are providing medical- psychological supports to more than 1000 torture survivors.
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