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The main objective of MASUM is to provide competent and compelling legal aid to the vulnerable victims in need of assistance in bringing forth the cases. The initiative will be taken in two folds; support in criminal trial as defense of an accused as well as support to defacto-complainant in legal proceedings against perpetrators of torture in different layers of judiciary including the human rights institutions having a curtailed access to deliver justice in India. The legal assistance to torture victims is an ultimate need for establishing rule of law, gaining confidence among the victims and challenging impunity. Facilitation of prosecution and/or, as appropriate, disciplinary actions for those indicated by the investigation as being responsible and demonstration of the need for full reparation and redress from the State, including fair and adequate financial compensation and provision of the means for medical care and rehabilitation. The assistance can protect the victims of torture or ill-treatment, witnesses, from violence, threats of violence or any other form of intimidation that may arise pursuant to the investigation. Organisation is providing legal assistance to more than 1000 victims of torture in complaint as well as defence cases in different layers of courts.
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