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MASUM from its inception is struggling for protection, set up and extension of rights of the citizen of India. The whole gambit of human rights is changing its perception and ideological discourse, many issues are get included in broader framework of human rights and its violation.

MASUM always made its presence felt in various facets of human rights by retrospection of its role and questing for the rationale of these issues. MASUM started its journey with addressing the custodial torture and its subsequent ramification, further extended its activities to address other form of human rights violations; shrinking livelihood of erosion affected, illegal evictions, enforced migration, citizenry rights of the enclave dwellers and trafficking of persons and child marriage.
---Some Major Acts---
To create a society free from human rights violation and all forms of discrimination by humanizing the society through the participation of pluralist society and ideas.
  • Binding the State and its instrumentalities fully accountable and responsible for extreme and rampant violation of human rights
  • Eradication of the prevalence of impunity
  • To create a social environment for safeguard of human rights
  • Advancement of human rights culture disposed to safeguard dignity, security and freedom for all
To aware, the populace of this vast country and diverse identities, about their basic human rights and its violation and with their active participation try to eradicate the same.
  • Prevention and reduction of torture in our society.
  • Reveal the systemic failure in Criminal Justice System.
  • Establish the dignity for all.
  • Advocate and campaign for international standards related to living and legal rights.
  • Entitlements for the marginalized communities.
  • Making constructive partners through networks and universal solidarity of human rights activism.
  • To make civil society sensitize about torture and peoples’ entitlements.
  • To make State more responsive and accountable to torture and other human rights violations.
  • Advocate for decent livelihood, living, equitable education and people centric all round development.
  • Total adherence of international standards on human rights.